Trash Picking For A Foreign Language!

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South Park in Japanese 日本語のサウスパーク

After trying to find a lot of different material on the internet, in both forums and other blogs, I realized much of it is outdated or hard to find.  I decided I’d just start offering my own sources of this material which I use and think will be a huge help to other people.

Tip:  Use the language you are learning to find more of the language you want to learn.  It should be a self sustaining perpetual motion device.  Japanese leads to more Japanese.  Anyway I’m not hear to lecture, yet, this is more to provide a trash-heaps worth of stuff I use and then often discard.  What can I say I’m a wasteful American.  Or an ADD sufferer in denial.

This guys blog, a Mr. まさかず、has all the seasons of south park in decent quality.  On the side under the little South Park character it lists all the seasons 1-16 and then the most popular episodes from his blog.  The first 7 seasons are dubbed ( 日本語吹替え).  The last 9, did I do that math right, are in English with Japanese subtitles (字幕)。

Here is the link to the most recent season.

South Park Season 16

It may be possible to find scripts of all the subtitles that way they can be studied or entered into an SRS.  If I find them I’ll add them to the post, or if someone else does leave a comment.

P.S. I’d like to add in that the Randy Marsh dub is pretty dam accurate to the original.  Cartman’s mom and some of Cartman’s whining behavior are also spot on.  Over all a good job and not a teeth clenching experience to watch.  I’ve found Japanese voice actors are incredibly talented across all forms of cartoons.

Thanks and enjoy.