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N・H・Kにようこそ! Ep. 01









Do you love anime?  Whats that, I can’t hear you?  I said do you love anime?  “Private Piles your a#* looks like about 3oo lbs of ……”  Well any way if you do like anime I’ve got something for you.  One major problem I have with watching anime is the lack of reality and the never-ending high pitched idiot nature of characters I’d like to perform a swirly on.  The next person that says ピカピカ or かわいい is getting pistol-whipped.  I actually do like those archetype characters and the overarching themes of anime, but a little goes a long way.  The things I find annoying in anime are also the same things that make the genre great and unique.  It’s analogous to the slap stick routine and daffy ducks lisp getting old when watching Looney Tunes.  After a while I need a Ren and Stimpy to come along and blast the genre apart.  But more importantly, steering away from mainstream anime gives learners a chance to explore new styles of Japanese Language.

When i got tired of all the other kinds of anime I found “NHK ni yokoso!” literally (welcome to the NHK).  NHKにようこそ! is definitely an adult oriented anime.  From what i remember there is nothing to graphic but the subject matter explores complex issues of culture and social isolation.  That’s not to say the show is always dead serious and sit-in-a-bubble-bath-and-eat-haagen-dazs-depressing.  It simply means its more thought provoking and revealing than your typical power-up-boss-battle-anime.  If your a fan of anime and have any interest in modern Japanese society, I suggest giving NHKによこそ!a look.

Here’s the link to the first episode.

欢迎加入NHK 01_在线视频观看_土豆网视频 欢迎加入NHK 佐藤达广 中原岬 山崎薫 柏瞳.


Now that I think about it there are probably more high pitched annoying characters in this anime than most.  However, they are using these characters to satirically look at Japanese society.  So I put up with it.

Just another piece of JP gomi.



One Piece_Strong World in Japanese(With Chinese/Japanese Subs)

The opening Sirens blast, the screen burns with a sunset pallet, and this movie will never get old.  I keep coming back to this movie and have yet to find a reason to stop doing so.  The opening 10 minutes may be one of the best cinematic sequences I’ve ever seen in any film both live action or animated.  It exemplifies everything there is to love about One Piece.  It’s all there, great animation, fantastic characters, fast paced action, a lush fantasy world, and of course F*%#ing PIRATES!  You can’t go wrong.  I only wished I had this when I was a kid, luckily I had the Kamehamehas of Dragon Ball to fill that void.

Over the last month I’ve been on a long break from One Piece.  I like to let the episodes accumulate and then sit on my arse and watch them for hours on end.  That and I’ve been hopping from media to media like a coked-up-ADD-plagued-jack-rabbit.  But regardless, I always come back to One Piece because of its unparalleled imaginary spirit and the pure quality of the characters.

This is a link to the One Piece movie: Strong World.  Compared to some of the others this movie didn’t focus too much on any one character.  It was well balanced and all around a good piece of work.  Hope you enjoy and can learn some Japanese by watching this video.  Included are the hard subs in Japanese and Chinese.

[高清] [One Piece_Strong World] [天空树双语字幕组]_在线视频观看_土豆网视频 剧场版10 海贼王 onepiece 强者天下.

If the above doesn’t play the link below has several more options of various quality.  I’m not sure about there sub/dub status.