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Detroit Metal City – デトロイト・メタル・シティ

Johannes Krauser Rocking Out

Every so often a piece of work comes along that blows the ball-hairs off its medium.  Detroit Metal City is one of those pieces of work.  When describing DMC words like raunchy, raw, rude, and destructively intense come to mind.  Yet on the other hand I can’t help but think of the work as delightful, revealing, hilarious, and imaginatively brilliant.  In reality the show is a lot like being tortuously tickled by a bull-whip wielding dominatrix; your being assaulted yet it’s what you’ve always wanted.

When I first discovered DMC I couldn’t ever imagine that such a cartoon could come out of the Japanese scene.  I mean sure Japanese cartoons have been notoriously known for their adult content and visceral depictions of sex and violence for years.  But Detroit Metal City uses those elements in order to tell the story and deliver the message.  It’s the sharp and biting satire that makes this show a stand out hit for me.  Plus like there 社長 says, they are “ファッキンクレージーガイズ。”  So maybe it’s the kick-ass metal music that makes me love this series.


So the subs are in Chinese(and minimal English); so what, big whoop, you want to fight about it? I prefer it like this sometimes because it makes me concentrate on listening and I get to enjoy the movie/show instead of just reading what pops up.  Subs are great for learning and reviewing but, for me at least, they detract from the epic-ness of the movie.  Although there is so much epic-ness in DMC you probably wouldn’t even notice, why take the chance?

Detroit Metal City Live Action Movie in 4 parts:

Where do I even find these things?  Oh yea, the internet.


Detroit Metal City – デトロイト・メタル・シティ Part 1/4


Detroit Metal City Part 2


Detroit Metal City part 3


Detroit Metal City Part 4/4
Just another piece of JP gomi.


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Hard Core Japanese Job Training










The kids are only trying to get a part time job, give them a break.  Now I know why everyone is so nice in all of those stores.

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