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Cute Girls + Calendar = Japanese Learners Dream (美女暦)

美女暦 - びじょごよみ









Inspiration, motivation, visually-cruel-and-unusual-punishment; call it what you will but I call  美女暦 a Japanese learners dream.  What’s not to like?  No seriously, tell me.  Go ahead, I dare you! That’s what I thought, you got nothing.  The 美女暦 not only tells you the date but does it in face-melting-kawaii-style.  Some may think “this is only useful for guys, and weird guys at that.”  But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I first stumbled upon this site because the pictures of some of the girls were in really interesting bars and cafe’s.  In many cases its like getting a tour of an area of Japan by a beautiful private guide.  In addition, for those into Japanese fashion the pictures offer magazine quality shots of what the girls are rocking.









Just clicking around the site you’ll probably pick up a thing or two.  But for me the real benefit of this site in relation to learning Japanese are the blogs and videos associated with each girl.  Although the weekends on the calendar are off days, that still offers hundreds of new sources of media a year.  I particularly like the YouTube videos because the girls speak in such a natural, low, somewhat mumbled manner that is completely different than a scripted TV episode.


Their twitter feed makes it easy to stay informed and connect to the relevant media.  Below is the main page link and the twitter feed link.



美女暦(BIJO ごよみ)|

Just another piece of JP gomi.