Trash Picking For A Foreign Language!

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MegwinTV at The Olympics Going for Gold.









It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything.  But its for good reason.  The man has been busy.  Busy doing what you ask?  I’ve been rummaging through the dumpsters and dive bars of the internet to bring you half eaten sandwiches and Iced Beer that’s served in dirty mugs.  I’ve got a little bit of everything for no one in particular.  Some things up on deck:  New and old music I’ve been into lately, TV shows, YouTube channels, an assortment of wild and wacky websites, and maybe even an unmentionable or two.  But for now, since we are all in the Olympic spirit, I’ll start off with something topical.

All right that had absolutely nothing to do with anything.  I just think that’s the greatest video that will ever exist. It proves that if you search long and hard enough you can eventually find the meaning to life on the internet.

What I really wanted to get to was this:


I really want to like this megwin guy but the English subtitles are killing me.  But his YouTube channel has an insane amount of videos ranging from the purely stupid, to the educational, to the Da F-#* was that?  But his channel definitely makes a great internet TV.  I just flip through his videos till I see something I like.  Plus everything is kept short to appease all the ADD having internet roamers out there.
Just another piece of JP gomi.